Friday, February 22, 2008

Yet Another iPhone/iTouch SDK Rumor?

French site Le MacBidoulle (translated by HardMac) wrote that an O2 customer was conacted by customer service and managed to give up some information on the new iPhone update, version 2 (not 1.1.4). The note was translated as follows:

iPhone Survey conducted by Apple and Orange - Lionel - 17:47:00

Over to Quentin:

I am sending you an email to announce a survey by Apple.

A call to Orange France customer service gave some confirmations, some answers, some expected, others less so ...

-- Update 2 (this would be the correct name, not 1.1.4), will bring new features:
* Support for Flash, files with extension .Docx
* Adding a mini file manager
* Adding a "clipboard" to manage copied and pasted text, and send files to the clipboard via email or bluetooth
* iClips Management (is this the name of apps distributed via iTunes?)
* A more complete bluetooth manager
* iChat accessible only via wifi

-- But it would not bring:
* Management of MMS
* Video capture
* Editing of office files

It is almost impossible to know if this is reliable information from an employee of Orange who carried out this survey ... .
But one thing is certain, the survey was commissioned by Apple ... And the updating of firmwire will be out in a few days ...

Of course, in the absence of confirmation ... You know the result. But if only half of this list is true, this would already be a great step!

Jeremy, thank you for the translation!

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