Friday, February 22, 2008

Summary For This Month

Times are tough around here and that is why the advertising is going stepped up several notches to hopefully help compensate. No one is donating...I know this site is free and donations are not required. They are greatly appreciated! Just to give you some examples. From January 22nd to February 22nd 352,265 unique visitors visited this site. From all over the world. Some people's visit duration was 2 1/2 hours, other's 6-7 hours. I dont know if they fell asleep at the computer :) Don't really care. Thanks for your loyalty. I have expanded the site and added numerous guides for mac computers and software, along with iPhone and iPod Touch(iTouch) guides. All together well over 350 guides are posted on this site. You can find the sections in the legend, which is located on the top right corner of the site. Some people are sending me their devices to fix/unlock/jailbreak through my repair/unlock service.Thank you. Out of 350 k + unique visitors i received 1 fifteen dollar donation..thank you! If you find yourself using the site or the guides i provide please support me in the adventure. I give everything i can to this site and to you guys. To keep you up-to-date with the iPhone Hacking World.

This month a website i mentioned in my site updates not too long ago was charging people $40 to join and they would provide them with unlocking guides and software (that are free all over the internet), well guess what, they sent them HERE. So everyone who is asking me to cancel their membership....MY SITE IS FREE...if you are dumb enough to pay for guides and software that are free then i'd rather you donate $40 to me and i'll give you personal e-mail support and answer every comment with questions that you guys post. I provide everyone with the best advice I can give if you leave a comment and/or if you email me directly regarding any topic on this site.

Have a great weekend! Write to you soon!

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