Friday, February 8, 2008

Unlocking a jailbroken 1.1.2 iPhone (4.6 bootloader)

Unlocking a jailbroken 1.1.2 iPhone (4.6 bootloader)
(intel Mac & Windows XP / Vista)

What I used: brand new (jailbroken) iPhone with 1.1.2 firmware, 04.02.13_G modem, and the 4.6_M3S2 bootloader. Thanks to GeoHot, the iPhone community can now unlock their iPhones with 1.1.2 firmware (I hear this works on 1.1.3 as well) and the new 4.6 bootloader. You can read GeoHot's comments at his blog here.

You should read my Warning to all iPhone owners page before proceeding.

If you do not know how to jailbreak 1.1.2 firmware(Mac) read this tutorial.
If you do not know how to jailbreak 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 firmware(Windows) read this tutorial

  1. After you have jailbroken your iPhone on 1.1.2 firmware and verified you have the 4.6 bootloader, press Settings, General, Auto-Lock and make sure it is set to Never. Launch the Installer and go to the Sources folder.
  2. If you haven't already, install Community Sources. Now press the All Packages folder.
  3. Press Bigboss's Beta/Experi... Install it. Scroll back down to the Unlocking Tools folder
  4. Press Geohots Gunlock Script. Install it. Next, go to the System folder and install BSD Subsystem.
  5. You can also find Term-vt100 in the System folder. Install it. Now press the Home button to relaunch the Springboard. Press Settings, then turn on Airplane Mode.
  6. Press the Home button and launch the Terminal on the iPhone. Enter the following commands: cd /usr/bin geounlock
  7. This process should take about 2 minutes to complete. A lot of code will scroll by on the screen. Do not interrupt it. When you see "Enjoy your unlocked iPhone..." you can press the Home button to get back to the SpringBoard.
  8. Press Settings, then turn Airplane Mode off. Put in your SIM(s) and test them.


Alberto Patino said...

When I try to install gunlock scripts or vt100 package I'm getting the annoying error of "Script Failed". I have ho idea why I cannot install any of these package s from App.Installer 3.0. Any help wpuld be very appreciated.

-Administration- said...

are you using an iPhone with 4.6 bootloader if not thats the problem. There's a text on how to fix that in the 1.1.2 unlock tutorial the old one in the firmware 1.1.2 o4.02. G13 section

Markus said...


In what order should I write the commands in terminal?

"cd /usr/bin geounlock" or
"cd", "/usr/bin", "geounlock" and so on?

I can't get it to work.

Alberto Patino said...


1- "cd /usr/bin"
2- "./gunlock secpack ICE04.02.13_G.fls"

Alberto Patino said...


I already was able to install the terminal and everything, Im not sure what was the problem, I uninstall a Python package I installed prevoiusly, but Im not sure if this fix my problem"

Now my phone is unlocked but the Phone application is not working right, I am unable to answer calls and use the dialer pad

-Administration- said...

email me. Use the contact info in the legend. Let me know in detail what happened its hard to guess . From start to finish what fw what u had ...... Ill try to help u, maybe ill write u instructions on what to do or maybe theres a simple solution

Alberto Patino said...

Thanks a lot for your help! I founded the solution to this uncommon situation ( my country was not supported, but by replacing some special files the MobileApplication is not crashing anymore!)

From the

"Also, if you are having a problem with your dialer crashing after this tutorial, it is likely that you are in an unsupported country. Either install iWorld from Installer or preferably add your country to AppSupport. You can do this by following this tutorial:" [url=""]

sara said...

I am also facing the same dam problem When I try to install gunlock scripts or vt100 package I'm getting the annoying error of "Script Failed"...what the hell is this....and let me tell you one amazing thing and that is the solution given are not helpful at any way do not waste your time in trying that ones actually i follow CISSP and this has made me think this way that all the code have to behave strangely because they have no idea of faking it out...!!!!!