Friday, February 1, 2008

Warning: To All iPhone & iTouch Owners

There are some things you should know before you perform anything on this site. There is obviously some risk involved here, but the majority of people have been able to restore their iPhones back to normal, should they get into trouble, by using iTunes.
  • You risk voiding your warranty.
  • This site is not for those uncomfortable around computers. If you aren't sure about something on here, then I recommend stopping what you are doing and connecting your iPhone to iTunes, and signing a contract with AT&T, or your authorized carrier.
  • Any modifications you perform on your iPhone, including bypassing activation and unlocking, could be reset if you should install a firmware update provided by Apple. It is usually just a matter of redoing everything you previously did to get your iPhone back the way you had it. Sometimes this process becomes more protracted as the firmware updates work harder to resist our hacking attempts.
  • Read the instructions in their entirety. If you can't follow directions, you may damage your iPhone requiring a replacement that will most likely be paid for by you. Apple does not provide warranties to any iPhone not under a service contract through their official cell phone providers (AT&T, O2, et cetera).
  • I am not responsible for your results if they are less than what you expected. You assume all risks. I recommend seeking help in iPhone hacking forums or in the various IRC channels. Check my links page to find them.
  • If you have not activated your iPhone via one of the official cell phone proviers (AT&T, O2, et cetera), then you will lack the ability to use visual voicemail.
  • Just because I was able to get something to work on my iPhone successfully is no guarantee you will be successfull. Individual iPhones seem to have their own personalities. They do not all behave the same way every time.

If you get into trouble, I offer a repair service for a fee. Click here to learn more.

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