Sunday, February 17, 2008

Terminal Tips: creating a Spotlight-based gallery

As sexy as Leopard is to me, I'm just as enamored with the powerful UNIX underpinnings of the operating system. I've been toying with a few ways to combine a couple of my favorite command line utilities into something that might prove useful. I won't claim I've achieved a truly practical usage yet, but I thought I'd offer some possibilities. Even for the Terminal-timid, you just might find the potential intriguing enough to slap on some binary camouflage and go all "Code Warrior" for a bit.

I'm going to elaborate on some image processing techniques using results from Spotlight searches. In order to make use of the examples without modification, you'll need to have a collection of images containing IPTC keywords (or very descriptive filenames). With a little modification, the searches can be expanded to other criteria. But if you can't run a spotlight search and find at least 8 jpegs with one keyword, you'll have to accept this as a proof of concept. But, that being said, let's get started.

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