Wednesday, February 6, 2008

NAKKO Does Free iPhone Media Sharing, Sends You Spam

NAKKO is a free service (they heavily emphasize the fact that it is "free") that lets you share things like ringtones, graphics, videos and games, and download them directly to your iPhone, along with some original content. It also serves as a sort of online repository for iPhone content.
It gives users free access to thousands of ringtones and videos, and lets you do all of your transcoding with the NAKKO platform and works with both Mac and PC and all iPhones running 1.1.2 and up, with no software.Users are required to sign up for an account, after which you can add items of their choice to your locker and push the 'synchronize with iTunes' button. This will open iTunes and import all of the data you've selected.I'm sure you're probably wondering (as did I) about how NAKKO can afford to give all of these services away for no charge. They claim it's privately funded, and describe the founder's motives as resulting from "working in the mobile industry for several years, having seen it turn from an exciting new industry to a business that rips off kids locking them into extremely hard to cancel subscriptions."In their FAQ's, they explain that they make money "By showing you ads that hopefully fit your interests. Apart from that we might give some selected advertisers the chance to send you personalised information by e-mail. That's it. Nothing more to it." Essentially, NAKKO gives your email address to advertisers so they can send you spam. If you're cool with that, then go for it. Personally, I wouldn't go near something like this. So, if you decide after signing up that it's a bad idea, you can unsubscribe to the spam email advertisements by sending an email to Remember: you get what you pay for.

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nakko account said...


As one of the founders of NAKKO, I am pleased to see that you are giving attention to our iphone delivery "invention". (which is by the way also very useful for ipod video).

You are 100% right by saying that we are planning to make our money out of targeted advertising, including perhaps in a future instance allowing selected partners to offer our consumers their products as part of our communication with our users.
This may sound to you as a nice way of describing spam. But I personaly stand for it that our users will not receive any "viagra mails" or any of that kind. It is nothing more than sending out newsletters with editorial and commercial items combined.