Tuesday, February 5, 2008

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Can I return my 8GB iPhone and get a 16GB model? If you bought your 8GB iPhone 14 or fewer days ago, you can return it an purchase a 16GB model for $100 more. If the iPhone has been opened, you will also be responsible for a 10 percent restocking fee.

Is the 16GB iPhone available in Europe? How much is it? The 16GB iPhone is available in both the UK and Germany. It’s priced at £329 in the UK and 499 Euros in Germany.

Do I need to sign a new contract for the 16GB iPhone? No. You can yank your SIM card from your old phone and put it in the 16GB iPhone, activate it for free through iTunes and start using it with your current contract. It’s just like replacing a broken iPhone. Even if you don’t have your old SIM card, you can activate with a new SIM card and your account information will simply be updated.

Can I sell my 4GB or 8GB iPhone on eBay? While there may soon be a glut of used 8GB iPhones available on eBay and through other channels, the devices are currently selling well — many with bids of $400 or more, likely due to demand from users in countries where the iPhone is currently not sold.

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