Sunday, February 17, 2008

Funny Story + Site Updates

If you paid for a subscription at a website called then you were RIPPED OFF! This unscrupulous site charges people $40 or so to join their site. They advertise unlocking tutorials (among other things). When you click on their how to unlock your iPhone link, guess what happens? You get redirected to my site (most likely in a frame set) and a few others i know about but won't mention for a few reasons. So if you don't like the tutorials you find here fine, but stop asking me to cancel your subscription as I have NOTHING to do with this. You need to get your money back from the company that billed you. MY SITE IS FREE!

Site Updates:

12 Mac OS X tutorials were posted today. Check them out here or navigate yourself by the legend to the top right.

February 17,2008

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