Thursday, January 24, 2008

How To Downgrade iTunes Software

Many people running into trouble running the iPhone Utility Client (iPhuc) report that using an earlier version of iTunes' MobileDevices private framework will fix their problem since it would seem that iPhuc was designed to run under iTunes 7.4.2. What can you do? iPhone developer "core" has come up with a simple solution. Over at his WickedPsyched site, he's put up full instructions on how to keep the minty-fresh goodness of the latest iTunes install (currently 7.6) yet temporarily revert back to to 7.4.2 when you need to run iPhuc.The steps include downloading an old version of iTunes, backing up your current MobileDevices framework, copying the 7.4.2 framework to your system library, and using a simple shell script to toggle between the new version of the utility and the old one when you launch iPhuc.

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