Thursday, January 24, 2008

1.1.3 Jailbreak Coming Out Sooner Then Expected?

Early Wednesday morning, a member of the Hackintosh forums posted that the filesystem key has been discovered for the latest iPhone software update, version 1.1.3. The filesystem key allows access inside the software update image downloaded through iTunes. Using the key and information inside the iPhone's filesystem, members of the iPhone Dev Team have discovered yet another way to jailbreak the latest iPhone version. While the Team has decided to not release the first jailbreak procedure, they do plan to release the new method sometime before the official SDK is released.When asked about a timeframe, "pumpkin" replied that the method was still being tested for reliability and should be released publicly before the software development kit this February.Jailbreaking is a procedure which allows iPhones to run third-party applications. Currently Apple plans to release a development kit to third parties sometime in late February.

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