Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1.1.2 iPhones now unlocked thanks to GeoHotz

Yes, it is true. I even have a guide! If you are interested just click on -Hardware Unlock- on top of the page and hack away!In a post to his personal blog he states that he has successfully unlocked a 1.1.2 firmware and bootloader 4.6 iPhone. Better yet, he posts the not-for-dummies version of the instructions to downgrade the bootloader to version 3.9 in preparation for running AnySim. We haven’t tried this ourselves so remember, as GeoHot himself states, this hardware method “could brick your iPhone.” You haven’t upgraded to 1.1.3 already have you? If so, you’re stuck with AT&T.
Update: We’re now hearing that a software unlock for 1.1.2 / 4.6 iPhones is right around the corner. So don’t crack that case just yet kids.