Saturday, December 22, 2007

LG Viewty Outselling iPhone In Europe? / Apple To Announce 5mil iPhones Sold

According to an update from the national phone reseller Dial-a-Phone, the LG Viewty, another touchscreen phone available in the UK, might be outselling the iPhone. Meanwhile, inside sources tell 9to5 Mac to expect Apple to announce sales of approximately 5 million iPhones at Macworld 2008.Also known as the KU990, Viewty the device has reached numbers of around 310,000 units since going on sale in Europe early this November, around the same time as the Germany and UK iPhone launches. They've been selling at around 6,300 units a day, outperforming the successful Chocolate and Shine lines. IN contrast, Apple has been quiet thus far about sales, aside from the 70,00 figure from the first weekend from O2."As far as I’m aware this is first time that a mobile phone handset’s sales have been blocked," says a Dial-a-Phone rep. "I wonder why?" Their criticism is believed to be related to their exclusion from the iPhone's initial sales strategy.In other news, an inside source tells 9to5 Mac that Apple may be announcing sales figures of 5 million for the iPhone at Macworld 2008, with around 1 million of units sold in Europe. If this is true, then they have reached the halfway point to their goal of 10 million units sold before 2009 considerably early. Despite AT&T's announcement that there would be a 3G phone in 2008, holiday sales are still running strong.

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