Tuesday, December 4, 2007

iTunes just Can't Get Enough

I tend to feel a little weird watching a movie on my iPhone if I'm on the train. Then I remember I can and it's cool to be able to do so. A new report released by Pali Research analyst Richard Greenfield states that Apple has conceded to studio demands and agreed to a higher wholesale price (estimated to be around $15) for movies sold through the iTunes Store. The report also states that given pressure from firms such as Amazon.com, Apple and Twentieth Century Fox are in talks to add the studio's content to the iTunes Store.In addition to better positioning themselves towards a digital market, movie studios are also looking to create "premium" versions of DVDs that include portable versions of the movie that can play on an iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. Twentieth Century Fox recently attempted a similar effort with the release of its "Live Free or Die Hard" DVD, which includes a digital copy of the movie protected with Microsoft's Plays for Sure Digital Rights Management code included in the content. All this according to New York times

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