Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Message to All the Readers

Good day to you All ! From the research i have done, i came to a conclusion that in the next couple of weeks many things will happen with the iPhone. I think, the new out of the box iPhone with 1.1.2 firmware will have a Hack / Unlock in the VERY near future. Apple will probably also come out with another firmware in a couple of weeks ( maybe 4-6 ). Many programs and new gadgets will come out and i will have to post all of it on this blog for Macs and Windows. Why? Well because i love the iPhone( yes, i am a proud owner). From the # of visitors i have on my site, it would be safe to say that many people share my passion.
With all these things happening i will need to post new Guides, Softwares, Hacks, Unlocks and more Guides. I do not have much time with everything going on in my life now, and the time i do have goes into this blog. I would EXTREMELY APPRECIATE a few donations. Anything is good. Donations not required, but right now are GREATELY appreciated. All the information on this blog is free and open for you guys to use. Now that girl above will be very mad if you people do not donate and will punish you if you do. Take your pick :) Remember you can always contact me at Fozystyles @ Yahoo.com or iTouchiPhone @ Yahoo.com .

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