Monday, December 3, 2007

German Courts Pouring Water into a Glass of Fire ?

Legal proceedings surrounding the iPhone are still in the works as Germany's Hamburg District Court has announced that it has delayed a ruling on German sales of the iPhone until tomorrow. The injunction, which was granted to wireless carrier Vodafone, pushed exclusive iPhone wireless carrier T-Mobile to release an unlocked iPhone available for €999 in response to Vodafone's criticism of tying the iPhone to an exclusive carrier. T-Mobile has since replied that it would consider seeking damages against Vodafone concerning lost sales.
German law currently forbids attaching a cellphone/handset to a single carrier and it's also common practice for handsets to be unlockable. Some countries, such as France, forbid exclusive contracts entirely. T-Mobile has claimed that it is the only carrier capable of supporting the iPhone's EDGE capabilities nationwide.Stay tuned for more information on this case as it becomes available.

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