Thursday, December 13, 2007

Decrypting the firmware (intel / PPC Mac)

Decrypting the firmware (intel / PPC Mac)

  • Decrypting the firmware will give you access to the graphics, applications and various other system files used on the iPhone. Sorry but I won't have a Windows version of this tutorial since apparently the only way to access a dmg file in Windows is with a $54 program. I like free methods.

  • Download the 1.1.2 firmware from Apple here.

  • If your browser is set to not open files automatically (which is how mine is), you will now have a .zip file on your computer. You might want to copy this file for safe keeping and decompress another copy. Some programs want the compressed file to work with. If your browser decompressed the file, then you will have this folder on your computer. The third image shows the contents of the file and folder.

  • I always make a phonedmg folder (labeled for that specific firmware) for holding my firmware files and decrypted files. I use this folder as my source for SSHing files to the iPhone too. Copy the .ipsw into this folder. Also decompress the folder and copy the contents of the folder here as well. Download vfdecrypt here. Put it into your phonedmg folder. Your phonedmg folder should now look like this.

  • Open a Finder window. Click Applications. Click Utilities. Double click Terminal. To get to my phonedmg folder in the Terminal, I type cd phonedmg112 Then I pressed return. You can call your folder whatever you want to.

  • Now enter the following in the Terminal (you can copy and paste this). ./vfdecrypt -i 022-3725-1.dmg -o decrypted.dmg - k 70e11d7209602ada5b15fbecc1709ad4910d0ad010bb9a9125b78f9f50e25f3 e05c595e2

  • What you are doing is using the vfdecrypt program to decrypt the file called 022-3725-1.dmg and telling it to call the output file decrypted.dmg (which you will use). You are also providing the key to decrypt the file with.

  • You will then see the following output in the Terminal. You can close the Terminal now. Just press Command (Apple key) and Q.

  • Go back to your phonedmg folder and you will now have this new file in it. Double click it to mount it. Look at all the goodies inside. Have fun.

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