Saturday, December 1, 2007

Apple Ends Talks with China Mobile

Apparently the iPhone negotiation situation with China Mobile was not as ideal as we initially expected. According Chinese newspaper Southern Daily, the talks that began earlier this month have come to a stand-still between the companies. Instead, Apple has moved on to other companies in the area.Apparently the thing that stopped this deal was Apple's demand for revenue sharing, the same one that created so much turbulence among the other carriers. It seems that it is something totally unheard of in China, and China Mobile refused the idea. On the contrary, however, China Mobile told Bloomberg that the Southern Daily story was false, and that talks are still going between the companies.
With China Mobile out of the picture, Apple isn't left with many options. The only other viable option is probably China Unicorn. If Apple can manage to close a deal soon, then it could go on sale as soon as Summer of 2008. Although, Apple may have to lower the price for sale in China, considering the price of a US iPhone would add up to nearly twice a month's salary for many Chinese people.

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