Monday, November 26, 2007

iPhone Tutorial for non-familiar users

The iPhone and iTouch Firmware Unlock provides you with: iPhone Tutorial for non-familiar users.This tutorial assumes that your iPhone has firmware version 1.1.1 I just want to ask the people using this site to make a donation, small, medium, large does not matter. We need your support now more than ever. We need a hack for the new iPhone out of the box with 1.1.2 Firmware and because of people using information and not donating we can't purchase a new 1.1.2 iPhone and find a method to unlock it. iPhones do not come for free. So, if you are already using the installer apps, an unlocked iPhone or the information on this site please take your time out and make your donation for other people to enjoy them. We provide this information for free to support you, now we need your support.You can click the donate button on the right and show us your support.Now please read below for
Frequently asked Questions:

  1. Nothing happens after i visit
    If you visit, install AppSnapp, get thrown back to the activtion screen and you have waited more then 3-5 minutes but phone does not restart - try restarting your phone manually. If phone starts normally everything is fine. If you still only get to the activation screen it did not work. Usually this is because there is a problem on the server, or maybe your internet connection. Wait some time (a few minutes if you are impatient, or a few hour if you want to be sure) and try again.

  2. How can i upgrade a new unactivated phone? Just put in recovery mode, and it will automatically restore to the latest firmware. It might be safer to manually download and select the 1.1.1 firmware.

  3. How should i upgrade or restore my phone?
    To enter recovery mode, connect the phone to the computer and press and hold the Power button (on top) and the Home button (on bottom front) simultaneously. After about 15 seconds phone will appear to turn off, release the Power button but keep holding the Home button. After about 15 seconds the computer and iTunes will detect the phone in recovery mode, and you can perform a restore. IMPORTANT: If you just click the restore button, it will restore it with the latest firmware. It's much safer to manually select firmware instead. If you want to manually select a different firmware you can hold down SHIFT key (Windows) or Option/ALT-key (Mac) when clicking the Restore button, and it will let you choose firmware file. Download the wanted firmware below at the bottom of the page or look to the right and find firmware updates(you would normally want 1.1.1).

  4. My phone is already unlocked - can i update to 1.1.1?
    Not straight away! The old unlock software's (before anySIM 1.1, except's software) had serious flaws, making the phone unusable in later firmware. Before you update your phone you will need to repair your phone by "virginizing" the phone (baseband) firmware

  5. Ignore all long and complex tutorials - I have set up a fully automatic script that will repair the phone so that you can upgrade it.
    Set Settings → General → Auto Lock → Never Make sure Modem firmware is 03.14.08_G. Check this in Settings → General → About. Start Installer and update it if it asks. Tap on Sources, Edit, and Add as a repository. Make sure you have BSD Subsystem installed, if not, go to System category and install it. Now, install The Virginizer found in the Unlocking Tools category. This will take about 3-5 minutes to complete. Only use if you never updated to 1.1.1 before! (that means, only use if your Modem firmware is 03.14.08_G. Check this in Settings → General → About).

  6. How to "Virginize" if you already upgraded and have 04.01.13_G.
    You would want to do this if you upgraded to 1.1.1, and now have 0049xxx IMEI, and Modem version 04.01.13_G. Check this in Settings → General → About. Set Settings → General → Auto Lock → Never Install BSD SubSystem found in System Category. Go to Sources and tap edit and add (if you haven't already). Now install "Virginize 04.x" found in Unlocking Tools category. This will take almost 10 minutes.When done, restore your phone to get 1.1.1 firmware reinstalled. When phone have been restored, you can Activate and unlock as normal.

  7. How do i downgrade a 1.1.2 phone?At the moment this is NOT possible if your phone already had 1.1.2 when you bought it

  8. YouTube is not working
    If YouTube does not work ("You must first connect to iTunes..."), try to install YouTube activation which is found in the Unlocking tools-category after you have added my repository (see previous question)

  9. Is the unlock permanent? Can i restore my phone or upgrade it?
    This unlock method is based on a firmware patch, so everytime the baseband firmware is flashed, the unlock not work anymore. You should be able to restore without loosing the unlock, and you should also be able to upgrade to future firmwares as long as the baseband firmware is not updated, but never perform a software update before you have specifically read that updating is safe.

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