Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TalkingPics Micro 1.3 for iPhone

Big Stone Phone has announced immediate and free availability of a free version of its popular program TalkingPics, the audio recorder/picture taking field data gathering tool that lets you make slideshows named TalkingPics micro (µ) V1.3.

Key features in the free version of TalkingPics micro:
* Make audio recordings of any length
* Attach notes and a photo to each recording
* Attach map of current location to recording
* Run slideshows on the iPhone

"In order to let iPhone and Touch 2 users experience the power of TalkingPics, we decided to deliver a lite version for free so people could decide at no cost if TalkingPics was the solution for them. We are committed to the highest quality products" said TalkingPics Project Leader Jeff Biggus (hyperjeff.net) of Big Stone Phone.

TalkingPics micro v1.3 features significant improvements to speed and stability of taking photos. In addition, the image format has been switched to high quality JPEG, saving space without sacrificing picture quality. As well, all entries show file size as well as audio recording length in the project overview, handy for managing project information.

Other improvements include a spruced up look to the project presentation slideshow.

TalkingPics remains the leading iPhone program for recording audio, taking photos and jotting down notes. Big Stone Phone is proud to provide high quality support to their products for all users.

TalkingPics µ is available for download and use today directly from your iPhone or computer at the AppStore.

TalkingPics µ is 100% free - TalkingPics Pro is just $6.99 at the AppStore.

Additional features in TalkingPics Pro:
* Organize entries into multiple projects
* Unlimited number of entries per project
* Upload projects to Desktop (Mac or PC)
* High resolution photos option
* Autosave snapshots to your Photos Library

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