Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sector3 Announces Circuit Defenders

Sector3 has announced that Circuit Defenders is available on the iTunes App Store today for iPhone and iPod touch. Circuit Defenders is Sector3's original take on Tower Defence style games in which the action is set inside your computer.

An attacking virus army has infiltrated your computer via your communication ports and is trying to take over your main CPU. Only you stand between them and complete shutdown. Can you erect and maintain enough towers to keep your systems safe?

Using the unique touch interface on the iPhone and iPod Touch, drag and drop towers on to your circuit boards. As the armies increase in power and numbers, you'll have to manage your funds for upgrades and maintenance.

Circuit Defenders includes some amazing towers for use in your defence strategy. From artillery to flame throwers, you will find enough variation to support any strategic defence plan.

Feature Highlights:
* 10 fun and challenging levels
* Great assortment of tower types
* Comprehensive tower upgrade attributes
* Fast and intuitive controls
* Pinch/Pull for zoom in and out
* Game state saved between sessions and interruptions
* Global Online High Scores

Planned for future versions:
* More exciting levels
* New Towers and Enemies
* Challenge games
* Light version with limited levels and towers to try before you buy

Pricing and Availability:
Circuit Defenders for iPhone is only $2.99 (USD) and available exclusively through Apple's App Store.

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