Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Add Light to Your iPhone Photos

Digital Film Tools has released Light 1.2, an iPhone application that can add realistic lighting and shadow to photos.

Light and shadow is introduced using digital versions of the gobo library created by Gamproducts. Gobos (patterns) are widely used by lighting designers in theatre, film/TV and photography to enhance the visual impact of their lighting. Normally used in front of lights during photography, gobos can be applied to the entire image or inside a selected area using Light. Gobos from the Gamproducts collection are arranged into the following categories: Breakups, Foliage, Lights, Sky and Windows.

- Control light brightness, blurring, and displacement for light wrapping effects
- Adjust light position, rotation and size with on-screen controls
- Isolate light using the selection screen
- Position slider determines where to put the light
- Range slider selects the amount of light
- Lum (Luminance), Hue, or Sat (Saturation) buttons change the selection method
- Shake on the Gobo screens to choose a random gobo
- Shake on the image editing screen to reset controls
- Edit in portrait or landscape mode

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