Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SimCity for iPhone Released

Electronic Arts has released SimCity re-created for the iPhone to provide the most realistic SimCity experience possible.

Maneuver through lush cityscapes with a mere flick of your finger. Zoom in and out of detailed, bright and vibrant 2D isometric landscapes with a mere pinch Plan, build, and manage your thriving new metropolis - wherever and whenever you want! Helpful tutorials are also available to guide you through your first SimCity adventure.

What kind of city will you build? What dangers lurk just around the corner? Tornados? Fires? aliens? In SimCity for iPhone, you're more than a gamer, you're both a creator and a destroyer. Feel the power!

iPhone/iPod touch Exclusive Features:
- Intuitive Touch Controls
- Tutorial to ease you into developing your first city
- Starter Cities start you indifferent types of cities.
- Manage all aspects of a thriving city, including the budget
- Destroy it all with 5 Disasters - UFO, Fire, Tornado, Earthquake, Toxic Cloud
- Place Parks, Landmarks, public works and various different special buildings
- Public and private transportation with roads and rail
- Public works management: Water, Power, Garbage and Recycling
- Place 6 Zone types
- Enact Ordinances to satisfy petitioners
- Never play the same game twice
- 3 Difficulty Settings
- Small, Medium and Large Cities
- Customizable Procedural Terrain Generation
- Complex simulations that adapt to your every move

SimCity for iPhone costs $9.99 via the Apple App Store

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