Tuesday, December 23, 2008

iPhone 3G Unlock Coming New Years Eve!

The iPhone Dev-Team plans to release the 3G unlock (codenamed yellowsn0w) for the 02.11.07 baseband on New Years Eve, according to a post on their blog.

They have also provided information on the DFU mode problem with Mac OS X 10.5.6.

We have been working hard on a few other things. The main one being the 3G unlock codenamed “yellowsn0w”. This is now completed and is currently being packaged into a user-friendly application with the simplicity that you see in QuickPwn or BootNeuter.

* The target release date for the unlock is New Year’s Eve 2008.
* This unlock method is available to iPhone 3Gs that have 2.11.07 baseband or earlier, we did warn you.
* The unlock requires a jailbroken 3G iPhone.

DFU Problems
Lots of users have been experiencing problems with the use of DFU mode after applying yesterday’s 10.5.6 system update.

We believe this behavior is due to a kernel bug not a specific countermeasure by Apple. Possible fixes are (try at your own risk!) -

1. Replace the following plugin kexts from within IOUSBFamily.kext with the ones from 10.5.5 and then rebuild kextcache (if you don’t understand this, then you shouldn’t attempt it!)



2. Use a USB hub in-between the DFU device and the Mac and insert/reinsert the iPhone’s USB cable.

3. Use a PwnageTool created .ipsw on Windows! Oh the irony!

In the same post the Dev-Team addresses the 2nd generation iPod touch saying that they will commence work on it some time in the new year.

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