Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Houdah Software Announces ACTCurrency 2.0

Houdah Software has announced the immediate availability of ACTCurrency 2.0. This is a major - yet free - update to Houdah Software's universal currency converter for the iPhone and iPod Touch. ACTCurrency 2.0 features an all new UI design and expands the automatic download of exchange rates to support 190 world currencies.

ACTCurrency is a universal currency converter. It is your ultimate travel companion. ACTCurrency automatically retrieves daily exchange rates for 190+ world currencies. You may add more currencies as needed. For these you will need to manually enter exchange rates.

* Calculates as you type
* Converts both ways on the fly
* Fast: minimized number of taps
* Automatic exchange rate updates for 190+ currencies
* Universal: add or update exchange rates as you travel

ACTCurrency always performs currency conversion both ways. It answers both questions you may ask when faced with a price in a foreign currency:

"How much is this in my home currency?"
"How does the price back home convert to the foreign currency?"

Want to know how much 45 EUR is in USD? Just tap 4 and then 5. There is no step 3: ACTCurrency calculates the converted value as you type. How about 45 USD in EUR? It's the very same 2 taps. Indeed ACTCurrency always performs the conversion both ways.

Pricing and Availability:
ACTCurrency is priced at $1.99 (USD) and available exclusively through Apple's App Store. The update is free for existing customers.

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