Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Agile Web Announces 1Password 1.4 for iPhone

Agile Web Solutions today announced the release of 1Password 1.4 for iPhone, which greatly improves stability, adds full support for landscape mode and new Password Generator. 1Password for iPhone is a free for a limited time and can sync with 1Password for Mac.

What is 1Password?
* The most popular password manager for Mac OS X and iPhone (according to MacUpdate, VersionTracker and iUseThis ratings).
* Makes your Mac passwords available on iPhone/iPod touch.
* Secure database with 2-tier encryption to keep track of logins, secure notes, identities, credit cards, bank accounts, and software registration information.

Detailed Changelog:
* NEW: Added Password Generator and Password tab.
* NEW: Added support for landscape mode in most views, including web view.
* CHANGED: Improved overall stability of the application, especially in the web browser.
* CHANGED: Improved adding of the new items.
* CHANGED: Now displaying error message when iPhone master password entered incorrectly on Request Sync.
* CHANGED: Improved Wallet Item detail view.
* FIXED: Fixed several problems that could cause a crash during sync.
* FIXED: Fixed problem when iPhone could stop going to sleep after the sync.
* FIXED: Fixed a sync problem that could happen when current time on iPhone is different from time on Mac (requires 1Password for Mac version 2.9.5).

Pricing and Availability:

For a limited time 1Password for iPhone is available for free. A Single User License of 1Password for Mac is available for $39.95 (USD) and a five user Family License for $59.95 (USD).

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