Monday, November 3, 2008

New Apple Notebooks Break Pwnage Tool?

It's expected that Apple would be likely to make changes to the software, and possibly hardware if need be, to thwart the jailbreaking and hacking efforts of those trying to unlock and/or otherwise modify their iPhone or iPod touch, but nobody expected them to extend that battle over into their Mac product line. Nonetheless, several users are claiming that the PwnageTool and it's offspring no longer work on the new aluminum uni-body MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Users over at the HowardForums and iPodTouchFans are claiming that the Pwning/jailbreaking software from the Dev Team doesn't work properly on Apple's new Mac notebook line, suggesting the company has made additions to them somehow that break the software.

Users are claiming that the new machines are not allowing them to create a modified firmware bundle for the purpose of restoring their device to a Pwned state. No specific cause has been found, but speculation is that Apple has implemented a subtile software change disabling the ability, and there's still no talk of a solution.

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