Monday, November 17, 2008

iRealSMS 2.0 for iPhone Is Now Available

iRealSMS 2.0, a replacement for your SMS app on the iPhone, has been released in the Cydia Installer.

Change Log for 2.0:
- completely new version

- no loading time at app startup

- new design/layout
- improved SMS View
- improved new SMS View
- no nation identifier setting needed anymore
- COMPATIBILITY MODE for users of SwirlyMMS
- Support for MULTIPLE LANGUAGES / localization (English, German, Polish already included)

- search contacts to add to recipients in new SMS view
- statusbar icon for unread SMS (can be turned off to prevent duplicate items from other apps)
- continue working while messages are sent
- mark all messages as read button
- SMS alerts can be deactivated -> no "new SMS" alerts when locked or outside iRealSMS

- Adding contact details to SMS
- Custom backgrounds (/Applications/*.png files)

- crashed at inbox when biteSMS or MCleaner was installed
- nothing happened if reply was clicked while in another app
- SMS remained in outbox when sent to multiple recipients
- names of senders were not always recognized

iRealSMS costs 10€/~$13 to register. You can demo the application first before registering.

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