Monday, November 3, 2008

Apple Investigating Glass TrackPad Problems

A new MacBook user's complaint email to Steve Jobs resulted in a callback from Apple. Sean sent the email in frustration over problems with the new TrackPad on the MacBook Pro. Many are reporting an issue with the TrackPad not registering every click.

Well, imagine my surprise when an Apple representative called me this morning to talk about the email I had sent! Wow!

He told me that Apple is researching the clicking issue. They have no resolution of it and, of course, there’s not really an official acknowledgment of it, but they are checking into it because they’ve heard the complaint frequently. So while there’s no real solution specifically right now, there might be one in the future. Presently my only options are to keep it and live with it, or send it in and hope they can figure out how to fix it or replace it with a whole new machine that (hopefully) doesn’t have the problem. I haven’t decided what to do yet.

I also had emailed that my case came out of the box with a tiny dent in it, and while it wasn’t a huge deal for me, I just wanted them to know. He seemed concerned about hearing about that - although given the huge number of places this could have happened in the assembly/shipping process, it didn’t seem like they were looking into this as a big issue. (At least not yet.)

The final issue we talked about was the display hinge and how loose it is compared to the older models. As far as he was telling me, this seems to be mostly by design, and while some hinges are stiffer than others, it was designed to be much less stiff than the old models. So I guess the official answer for this issue is that it’s not an issue they are going to fix or even look into. So if you use your laptop in bed and at sharp angles (like I sometimes do), I guess there’s really not going to be a fix to the problem of it closing by itself. :/ I can adapt, though. It was just one of those things…

So yeah. I emailed Steve Jobs and Apple called me back. The answer isn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, but I think the delivery of the answer may in fact outweigh that disappointment. :)

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