Thursday, October 9, 2008

Note2Self 2.0 - iPhone Audio Recorder

Web Information Solutions has released Note2Self 2.0 an update to their iPhone Audio Recorder

Reviewed as the Easiest Audio Recorder for the iPhone by iLounge - Note2Self is an audio recorder and voice note emailing solution for those of us who keep track of their task items via email or to store voice notes on the phone itself. Note2Self allows you to quickly record a voice note, save it and automatically send it to any email address...all without pushing a single button.

New Features:
- Built-In WiFi Note2Self Server allows you to record and download nearly any size voice note to your desktop
- Settings moved into the application itself and redesigned
- Automatic Pause During Recording when Level goes below user setting
- Badge Count is now user configurable
- Support for Landscape mode and rotation
- Awesome new Multi-Note Delete/Send user interface
- Now offers 3 Default Emails with Contact Pictures for sending email
- Added ability to specify custom email during initial recording
- New Volume Bar
- Pause and Seek through your audio while playing
- Elapsed time while playing
- Improved Spanish Localization
- Many other improvements throughout the application

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