Thursday, October 9, 2008

NASA Astronomy iAPODViewer for iPhone

iAPODVewer is an iPhone application that interfaces to NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day. Each day APOD presents an astronomical image along with a description written by a professional astronomer.

In addition to showing the current day's APOD image, iAPODViewer provides the following benefits over accessing APOD in Safari:
- iPhone friendly interface including rotated views
- Easy navigation back and forth between daily APODs
- Keywords Search of every APOD every published
- The ability to Save and store your favourite APODs
- A Random APOD - fancy a surprise then give your iPhone a quick shake
- Full siz edisplay of the APOD picture with the ability to zoom and scroll the image to reveal its detail
- The option to save an APOD picture to the iPhone's built in Photos library
- Built in Help Screens
- Available in French and English
- Localized Date Settings
- $1.99

If you are an astronomy student, an enthusiast or just interested in space and want to view and discover the mysteries of the universe around you, then iAPODVViewer is for you.

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