Thursday, October 16, 2008

A More In Depth Look Into the New MacBooks

AppleInsider has posted a more in depth look at other MacBook details, from LSIs to battery, hard drive and RAM features.

Keyboard, battery and indicator
All models can accommodate a backlit keyboard, although it comes standard only on the MacBook Pro and the higher end MacBook model.

The MacBooks use a 45 Watt hour, Li-Poly battery and a 60 Watt power supply, while the MacBook Pro uses a 6 cell, 50.4 Watt hour Li-Poly battery and an 85 Watt power supply. Both use Magsafe connectors and can be alternatively powered by the new Magsafe-equipped power feed from the new 24" Cinema Display. Both are rated for 5 hours of "wireless productivity."

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