Friday, October 31, 2008

Microsoft Reveals Live Mesh for Mac

Microsoft is gearing up to take on Apple's MobileMe with a Mac version of its Live Mesh file syncing service, according to MacWorld UK.

Live Mesh can be used to sync files between computers and store files in a Microsoft “Cloud“ server. The Mac version of Live Mesh will be able to sync files between Mac, Windows, and Windows Mobile Devices.

“At you have the Live Desktop which is a Web based storage space containing folders. On your computer, you can right-click on a file and select ‘add to my mesh’. After a few seconds the folder will turn blue to signify that it’s been added to your Mesh”.

From here it is pushed out to all the other computers on the Mesh network. In that sense Live Mesh is like iDisk, but rather having the single iDisk folder it works throughout your Mac and PC’s file system, syncing up multiple folders and containing your information online.

When you open a Live Mesh folder it will have attached to it a new pane on the right hand side that has some information about the activity file (when and who last updated the file, comments, and status of devices).

You can take a look at the Live Mesh Preview Site here.

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