Monday, October 20, 2008

Jobs 1.0 for iPhone Released

Bjango today released a brand new iPhone app, called Jobs.

Jobs is a very clean and well designed time sheet or time tracking application. It lets users keep track of how much time they’ve spent on any number of tasks, then export the details for importing into any application that can work with CSV files (Excel, Numbers etc), so that invoices or other reports can be created.

Each job features an hourly rate, flagfall, associated client and total time spent on the job (broken up into sessions that are logged every time you pause or restart a job). To make things even quicker, the hourly rate and flagfall are automatically set to a default rate, but can be overridden on a job by job basis.

Clients can be linked to the iPhone’s phone book contacts, giving quick access to phone numbers, addresses and notes directly from Jobs itself.

Multiple timers
Jobs can ensure only a single job is running or can run several job timers at once, depending on the user’s needs. Timers can even run while Jobs is closed. A badge for the running timers can be seen on the jobs tab inside the app and on the Jobs icon on the home screen.

Every time the users starts or stops working on a job, Jobs logs it. This means when they’re ready to bill their clients, they’ll have a complete list of when they were working on their project, down to the second. Sessions can be manually created, edited and deleted.

Jobs exports as industry standard CSV or as text via email, letting users easily import into Excel, Numbers or pretty much any spreadsheet application. It can export all jobs or all jobs for a specific client.

Price: USD $4.99

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