Friday, October 31, 2008

iPhone 3G Scam Running in India

The iPhone 3G is being sold as SIM-free in India; however, they actually have a built in
wired Turbo SIM.

This information comes via a post on the Israeli iPhone Forum,

Notice what has discovered in an iPhone 3G I bought after the seller told me that the iPhone is SIM-free.

I bought the iPhone during a vacation I went to in India and the seller even showed me the iPhone is working with a local SIM card without any TurboSIM or any device as such.

After the first restore to the device I wondered after I wasn't able to activate the device normally with iTunes and had to be activated using a 3rd company activator.

After opening the device I discovered what the problem was, and here it is:

1. Unknown wires soldered to the SIM holder plus another wire disconnected completely:

2. Where are those wires going?

3. Here's what I discovered: A built-in SIM-free trick, and it doesn't even support 3G

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Thanks to Lior for the information and to TheBen for the translation.

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hesslei said...

An online site in the Netherlands offering the Holy Grail of unlocked iPhone 3Gs fell off the web yesterday, with the company’s owner doing a runner with over €700,000 (£548,410) of hard scammed money. Despite their claims that they had a small initial order of iPhones, sales staff apologised about ‘a serious delay’ and stated many orders would not be processed. This was understandably met with outrage from disappointed shoppers, who got a lot more unhappy as things took a turn for the worst.


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