Thursday, October 16, 2008

In Depth T-Mobile G1 Hardware and Software Review

Engadget has posted an in depth review of the T-Mobile G1 phone. The review is divided into two parts: Hardware and Software

Industrial Design:
The first thing that strikes you about the G1 design is its... well, surprising lack of "design." In a world consumed by an unhealthy competition to be the absolute thinnest and filled with shiny silver / black sticks, the G1 stands out with its decidedly trend-bucking, quirky styling. That's not to say there's nothing to love here -- quite the opposite. The device bares a kind of charming, retro-future look, like a gadget in a 1970's sci-fi movie set in the year 2038. The smooth, round edges make the phone seem eminently approachable, and HTC (and design partner Google) forgo single-button simplicity for functionality, dotting the phone with all manner of hardware controls. Like we said, the phone isn't trying to break any dieting records -- so while the G1 isn't super-thin, the thickness is by no-means a deal breaker. At 0.62 inches it hardly measures up to standards set by similar devices like the iPhone 3G (0.48 inches) or not-so-similar (yet venerable) RAZR V3 at 0.55 inches closed, but it won't have any trouble sliding into your pocket. Getting it to slide into your heart, however, is strictly going to be a matter of taste; this form factor definitely inspires strong feelings.

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