Friday, October 31, 2008

College GPA iPhone Application

FurrySoft is delighted to announce their College GPA Calculator for iPhone and iPod Touch. This first of it's kind College GPA application makes predicting GPA easy for the student whose future depends on their college success or students on probation. College students predict GPA by entering cumulative GPA, grade points, current term courses and predicted letter grade. College GPA does the rest to calculate predicted cumulative GPA.

Students like to be in control of their future. College GPA allows the student to make informed decisions about which course to dedicate the correct amount of time to.

FurrySoft's College GPA numerous features include GPA calculation, GPA prediction, disable non-transferable courses, stored data, requires no internet or wireless access and can work from a user inputted cumulative GPA or with each and every course inputted by the user. It's simple interface will give needed information to the student in about a minute. "The academic adviser, students and developer worked together to make it as easy as possible and still deliver the experience academic counselors provide on campus." Martinez continues, "College GPA does all the work for you."

There are three basic steps: 1) Enter cumulative data for previous terms. 2) Enter the current term name. 3) Enter the courses under the current term with the predicted grade to see the future cumulative GPA.

iPhone and iPod Touch owners can download the "College GPA" application at the iTunes Music Store.

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