Monday, October 20, 2008

Calling Card Application for iPhone

Calling Card for iPhone lets you simply call any phone number from you phone's contacts database using one or more calling/phone card accounts.

Main features:
- Set up multiple phone/calling card accounts and easily switch between them.
- Set up a list of favorite numbers to dial, select any number from your contacts, or directly enter a phone number to be dialed.
- Full support for international prefixes (numbers stored starting with '+')
- Flexible call details setup allows for automatic dialing of most phone cards even if intermediate menu selections have to be made

Upcoming features:
- Display local time for contact to be called (tme zone lookup based on the phone number)

NOTE: some cards might not work 100% (the iPhone dials numbers rather slowly and third-party applications are not allowed to dial "#" or "*"). This is a problem of the phone itself and hopefully will be fixed in a future software update by Apple.

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