Friday, October 31, 2008

BigBoss Releases SBSettings 0.92 for iPhone

SBSettings is a replacement for BossPrefs. It moves your important toggles directly into Springboard where they are always available instantly even while other apps are running.

- Slide across statusbar to show the window. (Tap once with two fingers seems to work also) Tap the close button to dismiss the window.
- The big buttons are toggles. Red is “OFF” Green is “ON”.
- The “more” button brings up the settings app which lets you configure which settings you want available, hide icons, and other bossprefs like things.
- The “refresh” button will refresh the state of the icons in case it gets out of sync.

- Disabled the app while in call. It was too easy to brush against your face and inadvertantly call up the GUI. Then again bump a toggle with your face such as EDGE or 3G and kill your call.
- Fixed security hole by disabling SBSettings when device is locked with a passcode on the lockscreen. SBSettings will still load when on lock screen but no passcode is entered.
- Added reboot / power to the power button by massive request. (I still see no use for reboot but you guys win).
- Added “Lock” to the power menu! (OK this is exciting for me because I tried to do this in BossPrefs and never found a way).
- Reworked SSH toggle. It’s an app so if another app is running it wouldn’t work but the toggle would turn colors. This has been modified to kill the top running app if it is running so it works now. You guys have no idea how problematic SSH toggle is in this. It requires root permissions but springboard runs as mobile.
- The “more” button launches an app. If another app is running, this wouldnt be able to launch. Now if another app is running, it shows a red “no use” circle indicating that you cannot launch the more app.

In the near future BigBoss plans to look into:
1) VPN Toggle (although not sure how to test this since I have no VPN).
2) Plugin interface
3) Theme interface.

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