Monday, September 29, 2008

Zibri Posts Update On ZiPhone

Zibri has posted an update on ZiPhone and modding the iPhone

Someone asked me to say "hi" at least... so be it :)
About ZiPhone, the actual version I'm testing works pretty well, but it's not ready at all for public release.
I hope it will someday.
In the meanwhile some real life personal matters are fullfilling my life and some router hacking (pirelli broadband/dialface wifi adsl2 routers) are keeping my mind focused :)

As I already said I see no reasons now to rush to mod the iPhone. Apple did a wonderful job with appstore and suplies so the iPhone is available now in almost any country and in every form (locked, unlocked, PAYG).

Modding the iPhone at moment seems just a hypocritical synonym for "getting apps for free from appstore" and I'm not fine with that.

Let's see what will happen.


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