Thursday, September 25, 2008

PocketMac Offers More Sync Options for iPhone

PockMac is a tool which allows you to easily sync contacts and calendars from your choice of Entourage, Lotus Notes or Meeting Maker to your iPhone.

Every time you run PocketMac for iPhone, data syncs both ways. If you make a change to a contact on your iPhone, that change will be reflected on Entourage. If you make a change in Lotus Notes, that change will be synched to your iPhone.

How Does It Work?
- Select from the following choices: Entourage, Lotus Notes, Meeting Maker...
- Then configure which categories of contacts and calendars you'd like to sync. Press the "Sync" button and you're all set.

PocketMac for iPhone also makes a complete backup of every text message and phone call you make.

This means that a record of every SMS message and every call will be safely backed up to your Macintosh, your Mobile Me account, or both.

PocketMac for iPhone includes a unique BackupViewer application that allows you to review the call logs & text messages and export them to a text file. And if you call 411, you can have the information texted to you; now the BackupViewer lets you add the contact data in those texts to your Address Book with one click.

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