Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Zibri Speaks Out About QuickPwn

Zibri is speaking out regarding QuickPwn and suggests that the iPhone Dev-Team is stealing his idea.

Let me tell you something about the columbus egg and quickpwn.

Quickpwn works exactly on the same principle of ZiPhone:
it creates a ramdisk and executes it.
In the crafted ramdisk a patcher modifies the OS for activation.
It's conceptually a good work (ZiPhone was indeed a good work).
I am glad dev team abandoned their pwn to switch to a ZiPhone like program.
Now who is the idea stealer here ?

Anyhow, enough with drama.
My new "egg" idea has nothing to do with all this.
And I don't even know if I will ever release it.
For now (as it happened with ZiPhone) I am using it and testing it.
Posted by Zibri at 3:05 PM

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