Monday, August 4, 2008

WinterBoard, a SummerBoard Replacement for Cydia

WinterBoard is the new theme tool for 2.0 created by Saurik, mastermind of Cydia. It's much like SummerBoard except way more powerful and it even works with all your favorite SummerBoard Themes. This app is in it's infant stages since it is merely a day old. Right now the GUI is not the prettiest but this will change in the very near future.

In addition to supporting standard SummerBoard style themes, Winterboard also supports themes for practically any image or set of images including app themes, batteries, sliders, and more. This also includes images that make up the system interface! With all these features and possibilites WinterBoard is no doubt the new SummerBoard and you can expect to see some amazing things come from it.

Be sure to REBOOT after installing WinterBoard or themes will not work.

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