Monday, August 4, 2008

Tap Tap Revenge Approaches 1 Million Downloads

Tap Tap Revenge (TTR) will hit one million downloads this week. Tapulous CEO Bart Decrem says that the application has been downloaded about 900 thousand times since its initial launch. This will be the second app to hit one million downloads. (Facebook was the first)

A great feature in the original version of the game (which you could only get if your iPhone or iPod touch was jailbroken) was that users could create tab sheets and play the game with any song in their iPhone’s library. Unfortunately you can't do this in the app store version of the game.

Tapulous, the company behind Tap Tap Revenge, has announced that the popular iPhone app will hit 1 million installs some time this weekend. The app is the second we’ve heard from to hit the milestone (Facebook reached it last week), and is another testament to the extremely rapid growth some applications have seen on Apple’s newly launched App Stor

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