Friday, August 22, 2008

Snapture 2.0 Enhances Your iPhone's Camera

Snapture has now released version 2.0 of its iPhone camera app, which now allows users to take photos using all the major features of a digital camera. Snapture 2.0 now has four different color modes, multitouch gesture zoom, delay timer, and a new clean user interface. Most notably, Snapture's new QuickView system allows users to view and delete recent pictures directly on the viewfinder– a feature that cuts the average photo
taking session in half.

April's release of Snapture 1.4 was a big success – helping over 400,000 camera enthusiasts from all over the world to take better, more sophisticated pictures on their iPhone. Snapture version 2.0 takes iPhone photography to the next level – and incorporates much of the feedback received from its fan base. The new free ad-supported version builds on the popular features of its first release (easy photo capture, multishot, delay timer, level, etc), but also adds a new clean user-interface, multi-touch gesture zoom, and new color modes like sepia and negative.

But the real story is in Snapture's new QuickView System – which is a true game changer in mobile photography. The QuickView System allows users to view, enlarge and delete recent pictures directly on the viewfinder. This cuts the average photo taking session in half, by saving the hassle of having to exit the camera app and enter Camera Roll when users want to see or delete a recent picture. QuickView is available only on Snapture Premium, and can be enabled for $7.99 US.

Snapture is available in 9 different languages, and requires a jailbroken original or 3G iPhone. The app can be downloaded via (under Utilities) or Cydia.

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