Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SIMable Unlocks iPhone 3G?

Blogger Pat Phelan has posted a video of a 3G iPhone which has been successfully unlocked by SIMable.

SIMable is an innovative little chip that frees your SIM card to work in the vast majority of mobile phones. We all know that the very latest 3G devices can be very difficult and expensive to unlock and SIMable is the 10 second solution without invalidating any warranty on your precious handset.

Pat writes about his experience with SIMable saying, "I have tried every option so far and none of them worked but I got a sample pack a few weeks ago from SIMable and decided to try that, it worked first time and with a little bit of chopping and changing I have the phone running on 3G vodafone."

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I do not recommend untill a software solution comes out.

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