Monday, August 18, 2008

New ZiPhone Coming Soon rather a QuickPWN copy

Zibri has announced a new version of ZiPhone which the iPhone Dev Team suggests is just a copy of their QuickPwn.

After no development talk for quite some time Zibri has posted this in his blog.
Next generation of ZiPhone is in the works.
It will be as simple as Apple would have done it.
A simple one click program.
A 5 seconds run.
Stay tuned.

This comes just after the iPhone Dev-Team released QuickPwn along with a note indicating that it was easily duplicated.
This tool and technique has been available to the iPhone research and hacking community for about 5 days now (if you looked hard enough) and now that we have released it properly, we are sure you’ll see all sorts of tools popping back up that have, erm„ been on a long hiatus :-)

Since QuickPwn does not currently have a graphical user interface it is thought that ZiPhone will package QuickPwn with a GUI and then release. More details will be posted as they come available.ZIBRI you suck. You're a faker and a herb and I hope everyone sees you're non existent skills.

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