Friday, August 1, 2008

Master the iPhone with Tips and Tricks

PC Magazine, has just posted a wonderful Tips and Tricks guide on mastering the iPhone. These Tips and Tricks will surely boost your productivity on the iPhone, and help you maximize battery life.

We assume you already know how to make calls, surf the Web, synchronize your music and photos, and generally have a good time—but you want to learn some real shortcuts. If that's the case, here's a list of our top tips and tricks for iPhone 2.0, geared toward more advanced users. Want to become a real iPhone power user? Read on.

These include:
1. Force-quit an application.
2. Make reservations the easy way.
3. Double-down with scrolling.
4. Maximize battery life, part 1.
5. Maximize battery life, part 2.
6. Grab a screenshot.
7. Get a bigger keyboard in Safari.
8. Keep Safari's address bar handy.
9. Enter punctuation quickly.
10. Ride the dot-com wave

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