Saturday, August 30, 2008

Geohot's Embedded Disassembler

Geohot has revealed the meaning of the code he posted several days ago and it may help with the 3G unlock.

I was hoping someone would notice this clearly isn't IDA...

It's EDA, my disassembly/simulation suite. But it isn't like any other simulator around today. Imagine version control in a simulator, where memory locations are files, instructions are changelists, and running is committing. You'll be able to see which instruction modified any part of memory, and every modification it made. Spotting MMIO should be super easy.

The picture is the EDA frontend, rendered in Safari. The EDA backend also has a patch engine that finds locations to patch based on their position in the code, instead of hard-coding one location. It also allows graphical function comparisons between different versions of the code.

Sadly, it's still a work in progress. Maybe when its done, I'll look for the 3G unlock.

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