Friday, August 22, 2008

Flixwagon Now Available for iPhone 2.0

Flixwagon is now available for iPhone 3G and for original iPhones running firmware 2.0.x!

After being first to broadcast from iPhones back in June, and first to launch our public iPhone app for 1.1.4 in July, we're now releasing our app for iPhone 3G and original iPhone 2.0.x. This means we now support all iPhone models and firmware!

To install you'll need an 'opened' iPhone with either Cydia or Installer. Simply open Cydia or Installer, make sure all your versions and resources are up-to-date, and then install Flixwagon from the multimedia folder (under 'Sections' in Cydia, or 'Categories' in Installer 4. You can also find it under the iSpazio directory). Special thanks to Fabiano from for all the great help with Cydia and Installer!

- Super-fast sign-up: there is no need to sign-up in advance anywhere. Simply launch the app on your iPhone, enter your phone number, and you'll be instantly logged-in and can start broadcasting video immediately. You'll also receive an SMS message with your new user name and password which you can then change or restore via
- Highest Frames per Second rate: Flixwagon broadcasts the highest frame rate per second on iPhone in the market -- at 12 frames per second -- providing a smoother broadcast flow.
- Edit video details on the fly: change title and tags directly from the iPhone before or during broadcast. This is especially useful in helping more users discover your broadcast while you're still live, by adding relevant tags and titles based on events in the broadcast.
- Set sharing preferences directly from the device: set flix as private, public, or viewable only by certain groups like friends, family, co-workers, etc., all directly from the iPhone and while broadcasting.
- Light app: the entire package is only 98Kb.

If you're using iPhone 1.1.4 of older check out info for your phone. Please note, the iPhone apps (1.1.4 and 2.0.1) are both in Alpha, and are used primarily for us to learn and experiment more with the iPhone platform. Feel free to email us comments or feedback about the alpha app at feedback [at] flixwagon [dot] com. Once the iPhone SDK supports native video we expect to develop an app for the new official app store. We don't encourage 'opening' or 'jailbreaking' iPhones and users do so at their own risk.

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