Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Screenshots of XiPhone

Some early screenshots of XiPhone have been posted online by
We have been working hard on creating a new easy to use user interface around the XPWN tool. We are proud to present some of the first screenshots of this new Windows application. We are also asking for some input. Please post any ideas or comments on features, look feel whatever you like below. The ultimate goal for this project is to release a quality piece of FREE software that everyone can benifit from. While we have the utmost respect for for CMW and his work on WinPWN. The goal here is to take in the suggestions from the iPhone community and create a new Visual wrapper for XPWN. Some of the features we expect it to have are:

* Auto downloading of stock firmware files from apple’s site (no need to hunt for it then select it)
* Wizard based modern GUI (created with .net 2.0), and Vista Style UI.
* Export of firmware settings so users can pass around an XML file which contains a configuration that works for them.
* Auto updates to the XiPhone software.
* Community based wallpapers used for Bootscreen, Restore screen and others
* Enabling / Disabling of options available based on the device you select.

Again we are looking for feed back on the featureset, and screenshots. If you have ideas on something you would like to see added to this please let us know.

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